Vodafone Puk Code Unlocking Methods Step By Step Process

Vodafone PUK Code Unlocking Method: Hey, guys welcome to our site this topic gives you the information about the Vodafone PUK details and different procedures to get relief of headache procedures of your own. Are you getting the doubt, what is this PUK? Yes, it will raise definitely the PUK means Personal Unblocking code and it will get locked the SIM when more than three times of wrong attempting the PIN number.

Then you are not able to make calls or send messages or make use of the internet. There are two ways to get the PUK code for the VODAFONE subscriber they are listed below. Now your SIM was in locked position so we can’t make use of your phone, please take another mobile of the same network or the other network. Then follow any one of the procedures shown:

Get Vodafone Puk Code By Calling Vodafone Customer Care

It’ simple to get the PUK code from customer care by just following the steps given here:

Step 1: please take another mobile of Vodafone SIM and dial 199 for Vodafone or +91 9820098200 for other networks.

Step 2: Follow the voice conversions and press the following numbers until it will connect to the executive.

Step 3: after connecting to the executive ask for him that you want PUK for the mobile number (tell your mobile number).

Step 4: he will ask you’re some questions like name, address (which is given at the time of purchasing the SIM card).

Step 5: after Knowing the PUK code from them put the phone off and enter the code onto your locked mobile.

Step 6: If you are not able to see the PUK requesting prompt then such phones may follow this procedure. Press * *5 * (enter PUK number) * (new pin number) *(again new pin number) #and make dial.

Step 7: that’s it your phone was now unlocked.


You can go through this process before your mobile get locked. It was very easy to get PUK number from Vodafone site.

Step 1: Visit the Vodafone official website Vodafone

Step 2: Login to my Vodafone account if you have otherwise signup to the new account by providing some information name, address, phone number, etc.

Step 3: when registering the account the one-time password will be sent to your mobile

Step 4: here you can choose another option that gets one-time password through the Email so by this way PUK locked SIM users can also get into register

Step 5: Enter the one-time password given and sign in to your account. There you can see the PUK details of your mobile number. That’s it you got the PUK code.


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