Vodafone Internet Settings of GPRS/3G/4G for Android/Other

Vodafone Internet Settings: Vodafone is one of the second largest telecommunication service Company all over the world as compared to the remaining other services. This post will give you all How to Get Vodafone internet settings with SMS.

Vodafone Internet Settings

APN of Vodafone for Android mobiles by using in internet settings. APN Stand for Access point name. Some mobiles do not get the APN settings directly when you insert a sim, and this makes you call Vodafone customer care numbers, to ask for APN pf Vodafone internet setting to access the internet. Here is the way to set APN settings of Vodafone in your mobile. We can apply these steps in every mobile but, here demonstration will be of Vodafone APN in android mobile step by step.

  • Account Name: Vodafone
  • Homepage:  http://www.wrock.org
  • User Name: Leave Blank
  • Pass: Leave Blank
  • Access Point name (APN): www
  • Dial up or Access Number: *99#

Latest working Vodafone Mobile WAP Settings:-

  • Account Name: Vodafone wap
  • Homepage: http://www.wrock.org
  • User Name: Leave Blank
  • Pass: Leave Blank
  • Proxy: Enabled
  • Proxy Address:
  • Proxy Port: 9401 or 9201
  • Data Bearer: Packet Data
  • Access Point: portalnmms
  • Network type: IPV4
  • Authentication: normal

Vodafone APN for 2G/3G/GPRS.

How to get Vodafone 3G settings for latest 2016 from your mobile check below:-

This blog gives complete information about a Vodafone 3G settings from you mobile.

  • You can get internet settings for Vodafone 3G , delivered on your mobile by sending an SMS VMC to 52586.

You can also manually type the Vodafone internet settings on your mobile by using the following information.

  • Operator – Vodafone
  • APN – www
  • Access Number – *99***1# or *99#
  • Username – [blank]
  • Password – [blank]
  • Authentication Type – normal
  • Proxy – off/Disable
  • Proxy address – [blank]
  • Port – [blank]
  • Data Bearer – PACKET DATA
  • DNS1 [blank]
  • DNS2 [blank]

As you now have the settings for Vodafone APN, you can also check out the 3G settings for Android.

Manual Vodafone 3G Settings for Android smartphones are given below:-

  • Go to SETTINGS
  • APN: www
  • Restart mobile if necessary

By using the above settings, Vodafone 3G settings can be activated on your Android.


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