TELEGRAM FOR PC: officially telegram for PC becomes a popular messenger in the world. It is giving the heavy competition to what’s app. It was launched in august 2013, which is next to that of what’s app but more popular than it because telegram for PC is a user interface and friendliness.

Telegram is a Russian based application which stores the data on cloud-based. The main advantage of the telegram is, it is available for all platforms such as PC (windows, mac, Linux, Ubuntu) , SMARTPHONES.


Telegram is a user-friendly messenger which provides additional features like multiple admins for a group and an admin can able to add or remove the client user at any instant of time. Telegram for PC is a cloud based storage device which is easy to access the user data from any device, it may be PC or mobile. By this options, the user is flexible on adding the friends to the group and each group had a limit of 200 members if it crosses then the group is upgraded to supergroup mode in which it has a limit of 1000. Telegram messenger is officially available for PC for free of cost to download, whereas other social messengers like what’s app… Etc., are failed.

Which Operating system’s (OS) that support the telegram messenger?

Telegram messenger is a friendly messenger that supports all platforms, according to PC there are different OS’s are there like (windows, Linux, Ubuntu, Mac).

Telegram messenger for windows free download and install

Telegram for PC messenger provides users to communicate easily with their friends and relations. Easy to download the app whereas in the case of what’s app we have to download the android emulator and with the help of this emulator you have to run the messenger app.

Steps to download the telegram in windows

  • First, you have to visit the website
  • Now click the icon get the telegram for windows
  • After downloading the .EXE file you have to run the file
  • Now you will see a pop-up window setup –Telegram
  • Following to next you can set the folder address and finish the setup.
  • Finally run the app by start messaging , here initially you have to enter the mobile no for register
  • Finally enjoy the chatting with friends in telegram messenger

Telegram for Linux & Mac

Telegram for PC depends on custom data which is built by Nicolai Durov (a mathematician). The main advantage of this messenger is secret chat in this the messages are only visible to source and target users only, it uses the end to end encryption such that only authorized persons can see the message. It is free for download and install in Linux & Mac.

Steps to download the telegram in Linux

  • Open the terminal window. Now you have to install some commands they are
  • Initially, add the PPA (personal package archive) to your system.

Command {sudo ass-apt-repository ppa : noobslab/apps}

  • After adding the PPA to your system, you have to update the software sources.

Command {sudo apt-get update}

  • Now you will able to install the telegram app

Command {sudo apt-get install telegram desktop}

After running of those commands you will able to install telegram on Ubuntu.




  • Fastest messaging service.
  • Automatic backup of messages.
  • Multiple admins in a group, with a range of 200 members (greater than the what’s app group)
  • Upgrading the group (after crossing the 200 participants) to the super group of range 1000 members.
  • Transfer Messages, audio files, video files, and also any documents at a high speed.
  • Telegram from PC can transmit the file size up to 1.5GB.
  • Low data consumption when compared to the other messengers.
  • It is a cloud storage messenger so the user didn’t lose the data.
  • It has an additional feature called secret chatting.
  • Always free to use without any ads.


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