Tata Docomo Puk Code Unlocking Methods Step By Step Procedure

Tata Docomo PUK Code Unlocking Method: Tata Docomo was the country seventh largest operator and it has a vast network in across the India. Coming to the topic, the PUK code for the Tata Docomo subscribers can follow the instructions given below. PUK stands for Personal Unblocking code and it was raised due to the incorrect PIN numbers.

How To Block Tata Docomo Puk Code ?

If you enter 3 wrong attempts of PIN number then the phone will be gone into this lock under this you cannot make a call and receive a call and even a message also didn’t come. I faced the same problem like this you’re facing now don’t worry here the solution below

There are several steps that you may follow for prepaid SIM unlocking pin

Step 1: Please note the 19 digit SIM number printed backside of the SIM.

Step 2: Note down the Name and Address of the SIM owner which was provided at the time of purchase.

Step 3: Dial the customer care number 121 from another Docomo number or 1800-266-5555 for other networks.

Step 4: Follow the instructions given by the computer and select the option that you can talk with executive.

Step 5: provide the answers which they are questioned and note down the PUK code told by them.

Step 6: Enter the PUK code into your locked mobile and please keep that PUK code for further use (it is used for further lock of PUK).

Yah got you back to your busy time please note that there are no other facilities in online for getting PUK code. Don’t encourage of like sites it may mislead your number. Our better idea is not to use the PIN number lock if you don’t have much knowledge about the SIM and then want to use please note it down in your secret place. It may useful while you forget the password.


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