Remix OS installation

We know that we can not run the android apps or games directly into our PC. We need Emulators to run our apps and we need to choose the best emulator which fits our PC. In this article, I am going to explain about the Remix OS Player installation.

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Remix OS Player installation

In case you no longer use CD/DVD Drives, then you must have 2 USB drives. One for Hiren’s BootCD (1GB at least) and another for Remix OS (at least 2GB).

Step 1

Boot from Hiren’s Boot CD, then choose the Parted Magic.

  • You can use similar tools, but for this guide, I’d be using Hiren’s Boot CD, because it has all the features I need, not only useful with this setup.
  • Download, extract and burn the .iso file to a CD, or use Rufus to write the file to a USB Drive and boot from it.
  • Note: Download link is at the bottom of Hiren’s Download page.
  • I’ll be using Parted Magic, which is included in the live cd. It has GParted and Clonezilla with it. It is basically a Linux with Desktop environment, so you can use it with a graphical interface and also includes a terminal.
  • So boot from the CD or USB, then choose “Parted Magic”.

Step 2

Launch GParted and create a new Partition Table (will wipe the disk out), then create a new ext4 partition, using all available space. Save/Apply and Reboot.

  • In case you still have your old partitions, you can simply remove/delete all those by creating a new Partition Table.
  • Set the type to ms dos and it should wipe all the partitions out. I’ve tried and tested GPT but it didn’t work in my case (legacy BIOS boot).
  • Then right-click on the gray unallocated area and choose to create a new EXT4 partition. See video.
  • Once done, apply and save. Logout and shutdown your PC.
  • Turn it on again and switch to the Remix ISO Installer, then follow below step.

Step 3

Boot from Remix OS ISO, set boot flag to INSTALL=1

  • Once Grub Boot Menu shows up, press e while Resident Mode is highlighted. This should enable you to edit the boot flags.
  • Notice that SRC= DATA= CREATE_DATA_IMG=1 text?
  • Change that to SRC= DATA= INSTALL=1 and hit ENTER key.
  • Install wizard screen (with blue background) should appear, now follow next steps below.

Step 4

Installation – Choose options

  • Choose your target drive (prepped in Step 2 above), usually, it’s sda1 – for single partition drive with no other disks attached.
  • Choose “Do Not Format”.
  • Choose to “install Grub Boot Loader” – don’t be misled by old tutorials and out-dated guides out there. Remix OS 3.0 perfectly installs Grub without issues, using the ISO method.
  • Choose if you want to enable read/write for /system folder – in my case I chose NOT to speed up the process.
  • Hit ENTER key and installation should now take place.
  • Eject the ROS installer, then Reboot.
  • Glowing Remix OS Boot Logo with black background should appear. This should take a while, around 15-minutes in my single-drive setup.d. After this, it should take you to the welcome screen. You are nearly there!

Step 5

First Boot and Setup – finally, set the following:

  • Select your language
  • User agreement
  • WiFi setup
  • Recommended App install – you’ll get this screen when your system is connected to the Internet.
  • Activate Google Play™
  • Done!

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