PGDCA Course Details – Eligibility, Syllabus, Fees, Jobs etc

PGDCA Course Details: PGDCA course is a diploma level computer science course. PGDCA full form is “Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Application”. In this post you can find information about pgdca course. For future easy reference save this information as “PGDCA Course Details PDF” file. You can find important information regarding the course in this post like “PGDCA Course Syllabus, PGDCA Course Fees, Eligibility, career after pgdca like Jobs, salary etc”.

PGDCA Course Details
PGDCA Course Details

PGDCA Course Details Information

PGDCA course will prepare a person suitable to work as an Assistant Programmer in an organization and will train students to a new level so that they can readily compete for seats for lateral entry to advanced degree courses like MSc (Computer Science). PGDCA course will prepare Computer Operator to operate various office packages effectively with some analytical approach and further they can be directly employed by many organizations. PGDCA course can prepare a Computer Assistant like Chartered Accountant level to operate the office tasks by using computer applications.

PGDCA Course Eligibility

PGDCA Course Qualification: To be eligible for any university, the candidate must possess a graduate degree with a minimum of 50% aggregate marks in any disciple. For example eligibility for pgdca from ignou is “graduation”. PGDCA Eligibility criterion of few institutions is that they also accept the candidates who have a graduate degree with a minimum of 45% aggregate marks in any disciple.

PGDCA Course duration

Most of the institutions and universities offers the course in 2 semesters and duration will be 1  year. But may change in some institutions. Before joining to the course see the course duration of PGDCA of the specific institution you are joining. Most of the pgdca course duration offering bu many institutions will be like the following pattern.

  • Minimum duration:  1 year (2 semesters)
  • Maximum duration: 2 years

PGDCA Course Syllabus

PGDCA syllabus as prescribed by various universities and colleges. The actual syllabus of the course may change according to the university or institution but most part of the course concentrates to improve the same skills.

  • C Programming
  • ICT Tools
  • Computer Organization and Architecture
  • Management process and OB
  • OOPS using C++
  • Data management systems
  • Operating systems
  • Data structure using JAVA
  • Soft skills development
  • Project

Type of PGDCA Jobs Salary Details

PGDCA course offers a wide range of job opportunities some of which are given below. By completing the course a candidate can try to get jobs in the following areas. Learning this course can improve your skill in the latest computer oriented jobs.

  1. Computer operator
  2. Application support lead
  3. Application Packaging Administrator
  4. Mobile Application Developer
  5. Computer programmer
  6. Computer Teacher
  7. Network systems analyst
  8. Data communication analyst
  9. Computer systems software engineer
  10. Senior application analyst
  11. Database Administrator
  12. Computer system analyst etc.

PGDCA Course Fees Details

PGDCA Course fee depends on the university you choose. The programme fee will not be more than 12000/- per semester (Exclusive of registration fee and examination fee)


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