Keyboard shortcuts for Web Browsers – Very Useful

For those who hate using mouse operating, they choose keyboard shortcuts frequently. Most of the experts say that keyboard shortcuts are 65% faster than using mouse. A keyboard shortcut saves the time when compared to the mouse. Different web browsers allot a large number of keyboard commands are available. Each browser has its own specific short cuts and remaining all short cuts are similar. When you are using on Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera and Apple Safari keyboard shortcuts will work efficiently on this browsers.

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keyboard shortcuts for browsers
keyboard shortcuts for browsers

Keyboard shortcuts for Google Chrome:

ALT + F4Close current tab
ALT + POpen the page menu
ALT + TOpen the tool menu
ALT + HOpen the help menu
ALT + CClose print preview
ALT + HOMEOpen the home page
ALT + SHIFT + BOpen bookmark manager
CTRL + 9switch to last tab
CTRL + HView history
CTRL + Nopen the new window
CTRL + TOpen new tab
CTRL + OTo open a file from your computer in your google chrome
CTRL + PPrint page
CTRL + Wclose the current tab
CTRL + BToggle bookmark on/of
CTRL + SHIFT + Bopen the bookmark manager
CTRL + SHIFT + NOpen the new window incognito mode (Incognito is a private window)
CTRL + SHIFT + Treopen the last tab which you have closed
CTRL + TABSwitch to next tab
CTRL + Page upswitch to the previous tab
ESCStop loading the page
CTRL + page downswitch to the next tab

Keyboard Shortcuts for Internet Explorer

ALT + DHighlights the text in the address bar
ALT + SpaceOpens the title bar menu
ALT + LeftArrow Back to the page
ALT + RightArrow forward to the page
ALT + DownArrow drop down menu
ALT + HomeGo to the home page
ALT + PPrint the current webpage
ALT + EnterOpen search results in new tab
CTRL + EnterQuickly complete an address
CTRL + TabMove switch to the next tab
CTRL + DAdd page to favorites
CTRL + IOpen favorites
CTRL + NOpen the new browser window
CTRL + TOpen the new tab in same window
CTRL + KDuplicate current tab
CTRL + PPrint the page
CTRL + Ejump to the instant search box
CTRL + 9Switch to last tab
CTRL + SHIFT + TRestore the closed tab
CTRL + ASelects the all content on the webpage
CTRL + AOpen the History box

Keyboard Shortcuts for Mozilla Firefox

CTRL + OZoom reset
CTRL + Kselect a search bar
CTRL + DAdd bookmarks
CTRL + BOpen bookmarks
CTRL + Pprint
CTRL + RReload the page
CTRL + TOpen the new tab
CTRL + NNew window
CTRL + TABSwitch tabs
CTRL ++Zoom in
CTRL –Zoom out
SHIFT + ENTEROpen the link in new window
ESCStop downloading the current page
ALT + HOMEGo to home page

5 Important keyboard commands for fast Internet Browsing :

Ctrl+Tab :

If you want to move between multiple web pages, By pressing ctrl+Tab you can change the multiple tabs through all.

Ctrl+shift+T :

When you are accidentally closed the tab, then you want to reopens the last closed tab. Then press the ctrl+shift+T. Then recollect your web page quickly.

Ctrl+/- :

In your webpage the word fonts are small or inconvenient to see. Then you want to choose zoom in/out then press the ctrl+/-.If your keyboard has + sign on the same key as the = sign then you need to press the shift button as well as.

Spacebar :

If you are looking long webpage it is difficult to move Up/Down, then simply press the spacebar to move the webpage down .To move page up then press the shift + spacebar.

Ctrl + F :

Search bar will be created, when we are in the middle of the web page which is case sensitive.


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