How to Get Idea Internet Settings or Manually Setting Them

Idea Internet Settings: IDEA is also one of the best telecommunication Service provided in India, it is a private telecommunication company. Here we can manage idea services by using USSD codes of idea service provider. This blog gives the information about How to get idea internet settings. These idea USSD codes are very impotent to quickly manage services of our idea prepaid.

Idea Internet Settings

To get Idea GPRS settings on your IDEA service number and browse the net from wherever you are,

  • Send through SMS SET to 54671. Basic browsing charges – 2ps/kb. the charge is toll-free from the home.


This blog gives complete information about manual idea GPRS settings for latest 2016, IDEA services for 2G/3G/GPRS. You can also manually set the IDEA Internet settings on your mobile by using the following information. you can also check out the idea 3G settings for Android, Blackberry, iPod, iPhone, Nokia, Samsung Galaxy Tab, Sony Ericsson are also given.

  • Connection Name: IDEA GPRS
  • Data bearer: GPRS or Packet Data.
  • Access Point Name : imis
  • Username :
  • Prompt password : No
  • Password :
  • Authentication : Normal
  • Homepage : (your choice).
  • Server :
  • Server Port : 8080
  • Use Proxy : YES
  • Proxy Address :
  • Proxy Port : 8080

To receive Settings automatically on your cell SMS SET to 54671(toll-free). you would receive 4 Settings for Idea GPRS, Idea MMS, Idea Internet & Idea Mobile, Save the settings and make it default.


This blog gives the how to activate MTNL 3G APN settings for Aircel service number.

  • For idea service number Prepaid users : SMS `ACT 3G` to 444.
  • For idea service number Postpaid users : Dial 1503.

Name: MTNL

APN:  “pps3g” (prepaid) and “mtnl3g” (postpaid).

Who are Using Apple iPhone with Idea Service Number Can Check Below for IDEA Internet Settings:-

In India Apple iPhone is neither a common device nor is it officially available for any other service, and hence customer-care representatives of non-iPhone carriers fail to provide a working INTERNET GPRS settings for these devices.The same problem was faced by me while configuring IDEA GPRS settings on my friends Apple iPhone 4, the configuration was as simple as entering IDEA specific “APN” value.

  • To configure IDEA GPRS settings on your mobile device input internet as APN value and you are all set to go, this can be achieved by navigating to Settings -> General -> Network -> Cellular Data Network -> APN on your iPhone 4/3GS/3G as shown below.


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