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Hello friends, Many people are searching for exe to apk converter for pc and exe to apk converter for android like that because Now a days many people are using both android smart phone and laptops. But when they like an application and want to use the same software on pc or android  and want to run exe on android then a serious problem occurs. So people are looking for a good exe to apk converter android app or exe to apk software free download to convert exe to apk file but there is no software for that. Some of the exe to apk converter android app’s and software’s are there in the market but they are fake and there is no proper android exe opener app.  So see the below steps for the solution to this problem.

Convert exe to apk file:

See the below steps to convert exe to apk file by using another software on your android phones.  In this method your files are not converted instead you can run exe on android mobiles by using the following method. This method will works as android exe opener. You can use alternate methods also like windows emulator for android, wine for android to run exe files on android phone. But this method will not install emulator or your mobile to tablet to run exe on android tablet or mobile and Visualizes the scree of the system running the exe file.

Exe to APK Converter Download Free(Running exe files on Android)

An EXE file extension is a Windows executable file. EXE files are applications which are made to run on a Windows operating system. The EXE file architecture is supported only by Windows operating system, which means Android os is not capable of running EXE files. Instead, you can use a Windows computer to host these apps, using the Android as a display for the remote pc which is running on windows operating system.

Exe to APK Converter
Exe to APK Converter

Step 1

Install a Virtual Network Computing server shortly known as VNC server on a Windows PC. Virtual Network Computing is a technique for remote viewing and controlling your computer from another computer or a mobile device. VNC server applications are available for many operating systems like Windows and Android. Popular VNC server applications are RealVNC, VNC viewer, TightVNC and droid VNC server that are available for android and windows.

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Step 2

Download and install the VNC server application which you have downloaded from above links and launch the VNC server application and configure it to be viewable with a password. The application comes with the default configuration. Make sure that the VNC server is running whenever you want to run EXE files on your Android device.

Step 3

You have to note the IP address of your computer. The IP address of your computer should be configured in your VNC server application on your android device(which needs to run EXE files) In the most VNC servers, the ip address should be typed  in the form of a URL. For example, “vnc://” is the URL, and “” is the actual IP address.

Step 4

Log in to the administrative page of your network router, using the username and password which you have created when you configured your router for the first time. Note the external IP address of  your router, from the administration page of your router. You have to enter the  address to connect to your network from your Android phone.

Step 5

Find the “Port Assignment” or “Port Routing” setting , In the most networks you will find this as blank. If so you have to assign it for port 80 if you are running on internal Web server.  Assign 5900 to route to the IP address of the VNC server that you determined earlier. If entries for both incoming and outgoing port assignments are present, use 5900 for both on windows and android.

Step 6

Launch the VNC server application on both on your Android device and your computer and connect to the IP address of your computer that you have noted in before hand and run EXE files on your android device indirectly.

Apk to exe converter

Apk means android application package. An EXE file extension is a Windows executable file. apk files are applications which are made to run on a android operating system. The apk file architecture is supported only by android operating system, which means windows os is not capable of running apk files.

For making this possible, we can use android emulators for running android apk apps or games on pc that is windows operating system.

By reading the above article we hope you get a clear picture about exe to apk converter free download for android and there is no exe to apk converter online or exe to apk converter android app also. You cannot download exe to apk converter for pc also. See our previous tutorial for running android app on pc using android emulators.

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