DRAGON WAR G9 THOR Review, Drivers, Features and More

The Dragon War G9 Thor looks pretty badass with its Dragon insignia and massive size. The button placement is good and the build quality is sturdy. The multi-colored, customizable lights and the breathing mode adds upto to the look and feel value. This mouse has a special feature called Trigger Button; which is a green button which is super sensitive and rapid than the left mouse button. Now, this could be a boon for people who play Multiplayer FPS.

Dragon War G9
Dragon War G9

Buttons and software:

When it all come on the buttons side I did mentioned there are total of 7 buttons on the mouse. Left Click, Right Click, Scroll, DPI setting button, Trigger button(green) , IE back and IE front


1. Ergonomic design for professional gamer
2. Gaming mouse with 7 control buttons
3. Assign your choice of key gaming action to programmable buttons to create your own customs profiles
4. 512k in-store memory which macro function can use in difference computers
5. Mouse cable length 1.8 meters
6. LED Light
7. Suitable for almost every surface
8. Gold-plated USB Connector for a Reliable Transmission Integrity
800/ 1600/ 2400/ 3200 dpi



Package Contents:

1. Dragon War Thor Mouse
2. Mouse Mat (340 x 250 x 3 mm)
3. User Manual
4. Software CD


1. Amazing Grip
2. Trigger Button is really unique of all Gaming Mice
3. Best Value for Money

Dragon War G9 Thor Drivers Download

Download the Drivers from this link – link

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