Download Banana kong Game for PC windows 10, 8, 7, Xp / Android / iOS

Banana Kong game APK Download: Banana Kong is a mobile game developed by FDG Entertainment GMBH  & Co.KG. Banana Kong game is designed in both android and iOS mobiles. This is a fun and arcade game. This is one of the games that will make you addicted to games. It is very popular and thousands of gamers around the world

How to play Banana kong game:

Banana kong is an endless runner, while running you have to avoid all the obstacles in your path, since an enormous of rockslide bananas is in hunt and will rick on top of you if you’re not so fast enough. You have to ride on the boar or fly with the toucan to overcome the obstacles like massive gibber stone, crocodiles, piranhas and volcano.

Banana Kong Game for Android and iOS
Banana Kong Game for Android and iOS

In the banana kong 2 game the nature can be your biggest enemy. In Banana Kong game, you don’t have to run all the time rather you may have to fly or swim in certain levels of the game. That may mean grabbing onto a toucan to take a flight, or you may have to dive into the water and get over the crocodiles and piranhas. In the game Banana Kong 2 you have to give a speed run through caves so as to enter into new worlds. The vines will take you above the forest where you have to jump on top of the tree. The cave leads you to a burning underground world. But still the rules remain the same in both these places while running away from the rockslide of bananas or while jumping over various obstacles, and swipe down to jump down a level.

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Collect the bananas as many as possible to charge your energy levels. You have to hold a speed run to destroy obstacles or take alternative routes like the deep underground caves region or run on top of the tree. Find the hidden secrets and unlock extras to get the most out of the banana kong game. In the banana kong 2 game you can see your friends in the leaderboard. You can compare the scores and unlock achievements at the same time you will be improving your play.

Banana Kong Game Features:

  • The game supports HD Display
  • Has a vibrant colorful Locations
  • Full game Service combination
  • The Banana king game has Cloud Save
  • You can ride Animals
  • 10 seconds from launching the playing it.
  • You can control the game with one touch.

Banana Kong Game APK Download for Android:

Banana Kong Game APK Download for android and iOS
Banana Kong Game APK Download

Current Version: 1.9.1

Size: 56 MB

Compatibility Required: Android 3.2 and above

Banana Kong Mod APK File:

Click here to download Banana kong game Mod Apk for free

Banana Kong Google Play Store:

Click Here to go to Google Play Store

iOS Version Details :

Current Version: 1.6.0

Size : 46.7 MB

Compatibility Required: iOS 4.3 and above

Banana Kong iOS :

Click Here  to download Banana kong game for apple device.


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