Calculator: The Game

Version: 1.3.3

Offered By: Simple Machine

Installs: 1,000,000+

Requires Android: 4.1 and Up

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In a world of calculators, one dared to become a game. Sure, you’ve used calculators before, but have you ever “played” a calculator?

Welcome to Calculator: The Game where you’ll manipulate numbers by adding them, subtracting them, converting them, reversing them, and stuffing them through portals … yes … PORTALS.

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Calculator: The Game features:
– LCD DISPLAY for extra long equations
– COMFORTABLE BUTTONS designed for modern gameplay
– CLICKY, THE SNARKY ASSISTANT who will help you win
– APPROVED for use in Calculator: The Game

What’s New

Fixed an issue where app would create two icons.


This app has access to:

Device & app history
retrieve running apps

read the contents of your USB storage
modify or delete the contents of your USB storage

read the contents of your USB storage
modify or delete the contents of your USB storage

Wi-Fi connection information
view Wi-Fi connections

receive data from Internet
view network connections
full network access
run at startup
control vibration
prevent device from sleeping
Google Play license check

User Reviews


Marcus Hall

This is an incredible mobile game. One of the most fun puzzle games I’ve seen in a long time. The rules are simple and allow depth and complexity. The mascot is also lovable and adds a certain playfulness that keeps me engaged. The only downfall I could see is a lack of character. Other than to see the mascot’s reactions, there is no goal. It’s a solid time waster that makes you feel smart, but doesn’t go anywhere.

Sharleen Bagood

A great logic puzzle that is well thought out. New concepts are introduced well, and combine to create tougher puzzles. Calc is adorable too (I named him). Edit: it seems Calc has other things in mind 👀 we’ll see! Edit 2: Hey Devs, at level 184 when hitting /2, the game freezes completely and I’d have to close and restart the app. Hope this helps! Edit 3: i knew it.

Bert Liu

What a great game! It’s based on some simple ideas which were executed well. I love the simple interface and cute visuals and sounds. What a plot twist of an ending too. It got pretty challenging and I actually wrote Matlab scripts to solve a handful of the puzzles by brute force. That in itself was a fun little exercise. On gripe I have though is that when you have decimals and portals together, the game freezes. I had to force close and restart the game every time that happens. Please fix.

Matthew Dellon

Game is fun, nice problems to solve. Difficulty level isn’t so bad, Lv 112 so far never needed hints! Innovative and entertaining, really great job. However, it would be nice if we didn’t need to connect to Google play manually every time we launch the game. Also, ads get annoying pretty quickly, a paid option to remove them without buying hints would be much welcome! Thanks for the game!

Patrick Figerio

Fun puzzles… not just calculations but logic and patterns. At times easy at times hard… very fun unpredictability. Has it been said enough…too many ads! I usually click on a few if they didn’t make me so frustrated. Bug… when portals appear, if division results in a decimal the game crashes.

Thea Gamez

This game is pretty clever, I’m like 70 levels in and enjoying it. My only problem is the hint system. You’re given a daily hint but you have to watch a video for it. This is annoying but I do understand why it’s there. What I don’t understand is how I can have the opportunity to get a free hint in one level but then it disappears with the next one. Other than that, the game is charming and fun to math nerds like myself 😀

Andrea Henry

Simple to understand, yet still challenging. A great game for math-lovers with an interesting plot to boot! The only issue I had was that the game would freeze in the portal levels if you divided into a decimal. Still one of the best apps I’ve downloaded.


Absolutely fantastic game! Has kept me occupied for hours. My only complaint so far is that around level 180, the portal function gets introduced. Whenever I cause there to be a decimal in the number when I’m trying to solve a level with these portals, the game freezes and I have to close and restart the app. Other than this, your game is perfect!

Jake Turnick

Amazing game, not a lot going on screen so it doesn’t look odd, challenging and super rewarding. Also it’s math so it can’t be bad. BUT THE ADS. Now I understand ads, they’re a necessary evil, but holy heck can I go more than 2 levels without and ad? It’s pretty quick to let you close but it’s still obnoxious. So good I would pay for no ads.

Isaiah Lindley

Only a few levels in, but already I love this game. Cool graphics, fun concept… However, there is no “mute” option in-game, as far as I can tell. This strange oversight led to me deducting a star (as I tend to play mobile games in situations where I need to turn off my volume), but otherwise it’s a great game 🙂

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Version 1.3.3

What’s New

Fixed an issue where app would create two icons

Version 1.3.3

What’s New

Can now change language to English in settings menu (for non-English players)
Updated level curve (level 14 was wayyyy too hard!)

Version 1.3.2

What’s New

Localization added for Chinese, Spanish, German, Italian, Korean, French, Danish, Dutch, Portuguese, and Russian!!
Added Daily Hints! Now you can watch a video each day for a hint.
Fixed crash at end of game.

Version 1.3

What’s New

Added CLICKY, your helpful assistant
New Levels!!!
Awesome end scene 🙂
Permissions added in order to implement ads (you can remove ads as an IAP in buy hints page)


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