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Version: 1.0.3

Offered By:  Noodlecake Studios Inc

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Requires Android: 4.1 and Up

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Alto’s Odyssey – Just beyond the horizon sits a majestic desert, vast and unexplored. Join Alto and his friends and set off on an endless sandboarding journey to discover its secrets. Soar above windswept dunes, traverse thrilling canyons and explore long-hidden temples in a fantastical place far from home. Along the way, you’ll grind across vines, bounce atop hot air balloons, ride towering rock walls, and escape mischievous lemurs – all while uncovering the desert’s many mysteries.

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• A standalone experience. Alto’s Odyssey is the follow-up to the critically acclaimed Alto’s Adventure, but you don’t need to have played one to enjoy the other.

• Easy to learn, difficult to master. At the heart of the Alto series is an elegant one-touch trick system. Chain together combos, and complete 180 goals — all with intuitive controls.

• Explore Biomes. From the dunes, to the canyons, to the temples, explore a rich and diverse landscape, with each area boasting unique visuals and gameplay.

• Newfound heights. Discover secrets in the sky with hot-air balloons, moving grind rails, and wall riding.

• Master the elements. In addition to dynamic lighting and weather effects like sandstorms and shooting stars, the desert is home to swirling wind vortexes and rushing water.

• Meet Alto and friends. Unlock six unique characters, each with their own attributes and abilities.

• Zen Mode. Complete with its own serene soundtrack, this relaxing mode distills Odyssey down to its purest elements: no scores, no coins, and no power-ups. Just you and the endless desert.

• Photo Mode. From the pause screen, get behind the lens and take stunning photos of your trip through the desert. Pinch, swipe, pan and zoom to frame the ideal shot, and share them with friends and family.

• Original music and handcrafted audio. Headphones recommended!

What’s New

Bug fixes and improved audio performance.


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User Reviews


Meir Finklestein

I agree with all the praise this game gets its simple relaxing hard enough to challenge you but not to annoy you. The only problem for me is and this is the reason I stop playing many games is that this is a high-score based game. Don’t get get me wrong I love high-score based games, but if this game relys on it then please get rid of the ‘continiue if you watch add button’ that kills it for me. high scores have no value because you can keep on going!! Please I really like this game get ride of that option and I’ll play this game for ever and give five stars.

Juexin Ling

This is beautiful! I love the new scenery and music and new things compared to altos adventure, and that the night isnt as dark here. Also starting again from the beginning again is a new and exciting challenge, and I really look forward to seeing new things as I get further in the game! I wish I had my wingsuit already though. But the bird of paradise following around! The tornadoes and ballons! Its so cool! Havent met an elder here yet but guessing i havent reached that point yet lol. I’ll still always love Alto’s adventure of course but this is fantastic too! Thank you to the people who created these game!!

Tarik Ramzy

This game is amazing. And I thought Alto’s Adventure was fun ~ this game goes carried over the same fun elements and went above and beyond with mesmerizing visual, tranquil music, fun challenging gameplay, and new mechanics to incorporate the Desert Theme. Alto’s Odyssey is definitely one of my favorite apps. My only criticism is the excessive ads. Even when I plan on watching one to continue my run, it makes me watch an additional ad, which is kinda annoying. But otherwise, this app is great.

Eric Devries

Loved it at first. The graphics are beautiful, the music soothing, and the gameplay smooth, but the wall riding aspect of this game killed it for me. There are points where wall riding is the only way to cross a chasm and it can be extremely difficult to pull it off. It kills the zen like atmosphere, and sucks out any enjoyment. Get rid of wall riding and I’ll give 5 stars

Timbale Mean

I’d give it 5 stars but I can’t tell you how many times I come across the chasms labeled with an ⬆arrow and die. They are usually at the bottom of a couple hills and there is no possible chance to gain the altitude necessary to wall ride across. My only recommendation would perhaps to have the sign earlier to better prepare, or the incline up the rock walls less steep

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Version 1.0.3

What’s New

Bug fixes and improved audio performance.

Version 1.0.2

What’s New

Thanks for exploring the endless desert with Alto and his friends! We’ve been listening to your feedback and improving the game. In this update:

• Improvements to audio. Including a fix for an issue that could lock up the game in some cases.
• Improved workshop item descriptions
• Some small translation fixes
• Other minor bug fixes and improvements

Thank you for all your wonderful words of encouragement. We hope you enjoy exploring the world of Alto’s Odyssey

Version 1.0.1


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