BSNL PUK Code Unlocking Methods Step By Step Procedure

Hi guys, are you a user of BSNL and suffering for your locked SIM? Don’t know about the PUK code. Don’t worry we are here to provide the whole information about the BSNL PUK code and get relief from your problem.

What Is Meant By PUK code?

                PUK means PIN Unlock Key, Personal Unblocking Key and also simply called as Pin Unlock Key. It is used to unlock your Subscriber Identity Module (SIM). It is the most important one for a user because after many wrong attempts of PIN number your get locked by this PUK. If you, even more, try to enter wrong PUK instead of knowing the right one then your SIM will be permanently blocked so beware of it.

What is the PIN Number for Mobile?

A PIN is a personal identification Number which is in 4-8 Digit format. It was initially provided by the SIM and it is to be changed by the user defined itself. If enter the wrong PIN number more than 3 times by forgetting the original one then it will be gone under PUK lock. This PIN number is used for the user to keep the personal information is to be not shared or data may steal from unauthorized persons/unknown persons. Please remember the PIN number that was using otherwise don’t use the PIN lock on your phone.


If you did more than 3 times wrong attempt f PIN number then you will require this PUK code. There are two procedures for getting the PUK code they are given below:

Get BSNL PUK Code Through Call:

Here we are providing some steps for getting the PUK code for BSNL SIM. Just follow the steps.

Step 1: First of all please note down the SIM number that was printed backside of the SIM, Your Mobile Number, name and address that was given at time of buying the SIM

Step 2: after that, you contact to the customer care 1503 and follow the instructions that were given by them and inform your problem to the customer care and get answered to the questions.

Step3: Get the PUK code number from the Customer care and enter the code into the locked one.

Get The PUK Code Through SMS:

The other way of getting the PUK code is by SMS. You have to SMS like this PUK (your SIM number) to 123 or 53733. Then you will get the PUK code by SMS then enter it for unlocking the SIM.


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