Get BSNL Internet Settings with SMS or Manually Set Them

Most of the BSNL mobile users don’t know how to get BSNL Internet Settings of GPRS and 3G service settings/configurations on their mobile phones, BSNL is the first to start the 3G service in India. With the good download and upload speed to the mobile phone.

  • BSNL Internet Settings

    First, one is to call to the BSNL customer care numbers that is 1503 and 1504. Calling to the BSNL Mobile Customer care it can take five minutes to twenty minutes, to connect the call to the customer care agent. This is because of BSNL’s huge network and huge customer base.

  • The second one is to start the BSNL GPRS Settings service through SMS. Activate GPRS or 3G on BSNL service number, on your mobile phone as per your handset by sending SMS. The SMS codes are given to get BSNL 3G Settings and to get the above services are listed below.
  • GPRS<space>PRE to 53733 to get GPRS, 3G activated on your BSNL prepaid mobile phone within 72 Hour through SMS.
  • Mobile Make<space>Model No. to 58355 to get the BSNL GPRS settings as per your mobile handset model number. For example, Samsung 3312 to 58345, this will give you the GPRS settings compatible with your Samsung mobile Model Number 3312.
  • LIVE to 58355 will give you the settings for BSNL live this is limited bandwidth BSNL GPRS settings to surf BSNL live portal.

Access Point Name in BSNL Internet Settings:

Access point Name (APN) is one of the important parts of the BSNL GPRS internet settings on the mobile phones. Change in the Access point Name (APN) can change the mode of service on your services like GPRS, MMS, TV Streaming.

On your BSNL mobile phone change in Access point Name can offer you different services as follows:

  • APN is BSNLNET is meant for BSNL 3G services; GPRS services and you can also connect your mobile on your computer.
  • APN is BSNLIVE is meant for the simple and limited bandwidth of BSNL GPRS internet surfing on your mobile phone to get through SMS is BSNL to 58355.
  • APN is BSNLMMS is meant for MMS services, that is to send and receive the picture, music messages, to and from one mobile phone to another mobile phone number APN is to get through SMS is BSNL to 58355.
  • APN is BSNLSTREAM is meant for BSNL Live TV streaming on the Mobile Handsets to get through SMS to send TV to 58355.

Access point Name (APN) is to put without quote, and the above-mentioned services have different charges and the charges can change time to time, please confirm it from BSNL mobile call centre.


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