Best Screen Capture Software for Mac, Windows, Linux

Best Screen Capture software usage is increasing day by day. It is on its way become the must have software for everyone to record their screen for various purposes. This is because, even our computer has an inbuilt mechanism to capture a screen but its limitations are disappointing such as limited only to a Screenshot. There are much good and efficient screen capture software out in the web that could give you a Hassle free Video Recording too.

Here I am listing out the most Efficient and Easy to use Screen Capturing software’s for MAC, Windows PC and Linux. See the list below for best screen recording software.

Best Screen Capture Software for Windows

Ice cream Screen Recorder

A tool that enables you to capture any determined area of your screen either in the form of screenshot or video. This easy to use software provides a complete set of tools for professional screen capturing uses. With this screen recording software you can record in HD, and much more in a quick and hassle-free way.

Download from official website


  • Area selection
  • Drawing Panel
  • Video quality selection
  • Webcam support
  • Clipboard for copied items
  • Watermarking
  • Hiding Cursor
  • Preventing screensaver from interruption
  • Project history

Active Presenter

ActivePresenter is a solution for making screencast videos and interactive presentations. With huge features of the editor, ActivePresenter allows you to edit audio and video, personalize the content. ActivePresenter Supports HTML5 and the power to mingle with Learning Management Systems, the projects created with ActivePresenter can be delivered virtually to any device platform.

Download from official website


  • Quick & Easy
  • Easily convert the output to various output formats
  • Cost effective
  • e-Learning/e-Training
active presenter screen recording software
active presenter


CamStudio is able to record all screen and audio/activity on your device and create Hi-standard AVI files and using its inbuilt SWF Producer software can modify those AVIs into various types quality Streaming Flash videos (SWFs)

cam studio screen capturing software
cam studio


  • Video tutorials
  • Screen annotations
  • Effects options

Note: CamStudio only saves video in AVI and FLV formats, which might put you off.

Screen Recording Software for MAC:

a list of best screen capture software are provided for Apple MAC. Download links are also provided for those screen recording software’s for mac.


Voila is one of the good screen recording software for Mac because it’s not only a powerful and customizable screen recording program, it has tons of custom options for taking screenshots that I haven’t found to be possible otherwise. From finicky drop down menus to tricky highlighted areas, Voila does it all. You can pull in video and audio from external components too. As for sharing, Voila supports several one click publish options including YouTube, Flickr, Evernote, Tumblr, FTP, and more.

viola best screen capture software mac

If you need not only good screen casting support, but extended support for screenshots, get Voila.

iTunes Download Link


QuickCast is a barebones screen recording app that lets you quickly record and share clips that are three minutes or shorter. To do so you can use external audio and the built-in camera. All of your recordings are then saved to your QuickCast account for easy sharing and embedding later. You can choose to record only certain parts of the screen but that’s about the only option you do have.

quickcast screen recording software for mac

If you record a lot of short, sweet, and to the point screencasts that need to be shared quickly, look no further than QuickCast.

iTunes Download Link-Free Screen capture software Mac download

Screencast Maker

Screencast Maker is similar to QuickCast but doesn’t have a time restriction. Just select the area you’d like to record, the quality you want, and start recording. QuickCast saves your files in H264/AVC right to your computer for you to do with what you want.

screencast screen recording software mac

If you want a simple app like QuickCast but without the limit on video length, check out Screencast Maker.

iTunes Download Link

Linux Screen Capture Software’s:

Below are some of the best screen capture software for linux operating system. Commands are given to install these screen recording software’s on your linux operating systems.

Record my desktop

Record my desktop was the first main screen recording program released for Linux platform. It has many options for screen recording however no screenshot function has or webcam viewer included.

CMD: sudo apt-get install gtk-recordmydesktop


Kazam is revolutionary screen recording software. It was the first major screen caster with on the fly encoding and comes with a in-built screenshot function. The main problem with Kazam is it has no webcam viewer and doesn’t work with every configuration.

CMD: sudo apt-get install kazam


Vokoscreen is a screen casting application which comes with a built in webcam viewer and has lots of settings for changing audio sources and many other settings.

CON: now there is a screenshot capture mode so you have to record a screen cast.

CMD: sudo apt-get install vokoscreen


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