Airtel Puk Code Unlocking Methods Step By Step Procedure

Get Airtel PUK Code Using SMS or Calling Customer Care: Hey, guys are getting angry about the PUK number finding online. Please stop worrying about it. We are providing you the full details about the PUK code. From searching a lot are you getting a question what is PUK? Yes, you would. PUK means personal Unblocking key also called as PIN Unlock code (PUC).

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Here we are providing the information of AIRTEL PUK code details for Airtel users and this procedure also similar to all of other network providers. This code will appear when you enter the PIN number wrong more than three times. And if you enter the PUK code incorrectly more than ten times then the SIM will be permanently blocked (No calls, no messages, not even internet or MMS).

And hence this PUK number is Unique for each and every SIM. A PUK code is used for security purpose and it was enabled for incorrect entry of the PIN which contains 4-8 Digits format. All of the service providers use this technique and by using this, the user can protect his data for not being stolen by an unauthorized person. Here we are providing the two ways to get your PUK code (for Airtel users):

  1. Airtel PUK code via SMS
  2. Airtel PUK code by Customer Care


There are some steps that you can follow

  • Step1: Take another mobile of same Network provider.
  • Step2: From that mobile SMS your number to 785.
  • Step3: Otherwise Type PUK space your SIM number (15 digit number printed on the backside of the SIM) and send it to 121.

AIRTEL PUK Code by Customer Care

                Before going to make a call to the customer care you have to note down the 15 Digit SIM number, SIM owner name, and address which was given at the time of purchasing the new SIM. Now dial the Customer care number 121 and follow the instructions until you get the representative option, after that you can ask him for the PUK number. Initially, they verify the user details and then you will get the code, note it down & enter the code to the locked one. That’s it you’re SIM is now unlocked and please avoid wrong entry of PIN number otherwise don’t enable the PIN.

There is another way to know the PUK code for your Sim that is, first visit the Airtel My Account page and enter you Mobile number and then you will get the OPT for your mobile after that a window with some tabs will appear (My pack, Recharge History, Log, & track request, manage services, and special offers).

In that go for the window Manage services in that get a click on PUK details and now you will get a popup window in that PUK number will be displayed with your mobile number and IMEI number. Note that this procedure is useful before the SIM lock.


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